Roof Rake & Ice Removal

Roof Raking
Extra Mile Snow Plowing has partnered with local roofing company Stendahl Exteriors to provide in-house professional roof raking. We custom tailor the roof snow removal to your home or building. Various means of providing the service are available depending on the conditions.

Ice Removal
A variety of ice removal techniques and ice removal equipment are available from hot water or steam ice extraction for ice dams, calcium chloride de-icing, conventional roof raking and manually shoveling snow and hauling. We don’t use tools that will damage your roof or gutters.

We have provided these services throughout southeast Wisconsin. No job is too big or small. We do large-scale commercial flat roofs down to single-family homes or cabins. The cost of our services is minimal compared to the cost the water and ice damage that can occur to your home or business. Many times insurance will pay for the services.

Ice Damming
At Extra Mile Snow Plowing, you can set up a program ahead of time where we will continually check up on your roof throughout the winter. We will then be able to handle and catch ice damming as it happens instead of after the fact when damage may have already occurred. During heavy ice storms, you will be given priority this way.