Snow & Ice Control – Commercial

Big City Service with a Small Town Feel

When it comes to snow and ice removal, Extra Mile Snow Plowing is set to go. Our advanced equipment and experienced crew are geared for the season and prepared to handle any size snow and ice removal job. We manage areas ranging from large industrial parking lots to schools, hospitals, strip malls and private residences. A line-up of trucks, large tractors, snow pushers and skid loaders is at hand for those days when the snow never stops. A wide array of snow blowers and salters are also available to fit the needs of your property. We have dedicated sidewalk crews, equipment operators, and in-house dispatch so the same snow fighters are providing your snow removal each time. By taking these steps, we provide a cleaner and safer surface for our customers and virtually eliminate any lawn/curb damage or callbacks. After all, we are your first line of defense when it comes to risk management for slip/fall incidents.

Zero Tolerance Policy
Whether it’s dealing with a small area of the downtown business sidewalk or continuously controlling a large, zero tolerance commercial parking lot we realize the importance and urgency of the job. Extra Mile Snow Plowing is here to help keep our community residents moving about safely, and also keep businesses running smoothly throughout the winter season.

Snow Relocation Services
Sometimes it isn’t enough to just push the snow out of the way. Large piles of snow in parking lots can quickly translate to big hazards, causing obstructions in view for drivers, traffic flow changes, and even accidents. When stockpiling snow is no longer a good option for you, we have trucks available to haul it off-site.