Snow & Ice Control – Condos & HOA

Snow Plowing for Condo & HOA

Condo associations and homeowner associations are an area Extra Mile Snow Plowing stands head and shoulders above the competition. We specialize in providing complete, timely and efficient snow and ice maintenance plans for residential complexes such as condominiums, apartments and HOA’s. Efficient snow and ice removal service is critical for managing large multi-resident complexes for reduction in risk of slip/fall injuries. We have serviced condo and homeowner associations for years. We clear the snow very early in the morning. We work alongside all the individuals within the association to meet everyone’s needs. The majority of the condo and homeowner associations that we service have contracted with us for well over 10 years. We can be the solution to the problems you have been having with your current providers. Please contact us and we will refer you to fellow association presidents, vice presidents, trustees, treasurers or property managers. Our goal is not to gain you as a customer for the next year or two, but for the next decade.

HOA & condo snow plowing contracts with Extra Mile Snow Plowing include:

  • A fixed price each month. You pay the same rate, regardless of snowfall amount. We can also include lawn maintenance within the contract.
  • Lots and drives will be cleared by 7 a.m. if snowfall comes overnight.
  • We shovel out sidewalks, fire hydrants and mailboxes.
  • Sidewalk salting is also available.
  • 24-hour on-call service.
  • Special requests honored for early plows (doctor visits, plane tickets, 3rd shifter, etc.).
  • Plow damage to lawns repaired at no charge in spring.
  • We mark all lots with driveway stakes at no charge.
  • The same operators on your property each time.
  • Roof raking (roof top snow removal) is also available upon request.
  • Dozens of local references available.

I would like to attend your association meeting to answer any questions both prior to being hired and afterward. Most of our associations take advantage of this. It helps us to work together to better understand the uniqueness of each association’s needs. It also puts a face on our customers for us, and a face on the “snowplow guys” for your association and you.


“Aron and his staff at Extra Mile have done an outstanding job the last six years for us at Wood River Condominiums. Aron is very accommodating to our needs and responds quickly to all of our requests. His staff is always very professional, and they will take the time to speak to our residents when they are on the job site to answer any questions they have. We have used several landscaping and snow removal firms in the past and none of them came close to the service and value we have gotten from Extra Mile. I am looking forward to many more years with Aron and his staff.”
Jason Jagielski, Property Manager/Vice President of Wood River Condominiums of West Bend